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Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz

April 25, 2010

Tadeusz Ajdukiewicz (1852 – January 9, 1916) was a Polish painter.


He was born in Wieliczka. From 1868 to 1873, he studied under Władysław Luszczkiewicz in the Fine art school of Krakow. Later, he travelled to Vienna and Munich, and studied in Józef Brandt’s atelier. In 1877, Ajdukiewicz travelled to Paris and the Near East. In 1882, he lived in Vienna, where he worked for the aristocracy. He painted a portrait of the Prince of Wales in 1883 while staying in London. He travelled to Constantinople in 1884, and was sultan Abdhulhamid II’s guest. Subsequently, he worked in Sofia, Saint Petersburg and Bucharest. He joined the Polish Legions in 1914, during World War I, and he died in battle in Kraków on January 9, 1916.

His first cousin was Zygmunt Ajdukiewicz.

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